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Makeup 70’s

Makeup Trends

When it comes to the 1970’s, the makeup 70’s trend was all about enhancing a single feature. This decade was known for the emergence of retro smoky eyes and sheer skin, but feminism, and the second wave, were the main influences for the style. Although sex was still a major factor in fashion during this time, women were encouraged to embrace their natural features. A popular trend in the makeup 70’s s was to wear neutral eyeshadows, which were considered to be “clean” and uncluttered.

The era also saw the introduction of crayon-like makeup. The most popular color for this period was pink, though there was a time when red was considered to be the most submissive color in the 70s. Sun-kissed skin and shimmery lids were other hallmarks of the decade. This trend permeated the entire decade, from hairstyles to makeup. It was even common for women to wear cream shadows in the crease of their eyes.

A great way to achieve a retro-inspired look is to buy a contour stick and a bronzer. This will add to your overall makeup. While the ’70s look was all about pastels and jewel-toned tones, you can also opt for a glittery eyeshadow. This is perfect for summertime. You can find this brand for $64. If you’re looking for a more modern look, you can go for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

The decade was filled with chaotic events. Watergate scandal influenced the makeup industry, but it also contributed to the emergence of feminism, which made the look more sophisticated. The rise of feminist activism in the 1970’s had a strong impact on the fashion scene. The women’s liberation movement was one of the major drivers of the fashion and makeup trends of the decade. The emergence of feminism in the United States and world was another influence.

Blue eyeshadow was a rite of passage for a punk’s look. The decade was marked by the use of clear brow gel, which imparted a natural effect. In the 1970’s, blue eyeshadows were very popular, and many women opted for a light shade on their lids. For the era, the rounded crease was a necessity for a classic ’70s look.

The smoky eyeshadow trend of the 70’s continued through the decade. The look was a rebirth of the 1960’s, with the eyes covered with heavy brown or black eyeshadow. The lips were pale and the eyes were kept unadorned. The brows were kept natural. The makeup did not include a lot of color, but it was still very feminine and very chic. The lipstick and eyebrows were dark.

The cut-crease is a hallmark of the makeup trend of the seventies. A rounded crease was reminiscent of the ’70s, but the style was more aggressive and expressive. The rounded creases were complemented by a liquid highlighter. While the eyes looked intensely red and were very expressive, the cheeks were often painted to look plump. Using the same makeup, a hippie-styled look would be impossible without a dark lip.

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