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Fox Eye Makeup

Fox eye makeup is a popular look in Hollywood. This style of makeup uses a high ponytail to draw the attention upward, and a light brown eyeshadow is applied to the outer corners of the eyes. The crease of the eye is lined with a thin line of dark brown eyeliner and the tail ends of the eyebrows are shaved to give a more angular appearance. This technique is very effective, but has been met with some criticism due to its perceived racial undertone.

The fox eye makeup looks best when the eyebrow is straight and tilts up. It emphasizes the outer corner of the eye, which creates a tighter, lifted face. While applying eyeliner, it is important to use a concealer or powder on the lid. A light color on the brow bone gives the eyebrow more definition. In addition, a slanted eyebrow will make the face look toned and tightened.

Although the trend originated in the 1930s, eye makeup has its historical roots dating back to Cleopatra. In addition to being more trendy than its cat-eye cousin, fox eye makeup is an expression of sex and racial identity. Regardless of whether the eyelashes are natural or artificial, the eye makeup look can make a woman appear exotic or sexy. It is a controversial style, but a simple way to get a slanted brow is by shaved-down eyebrows.

Another way to achieve a slanted eye is to use a dark brown eyeshadow. The shadow on the lash line should be slightly above the brow bone. You should use a small angled brush to draw the wing on the lid. A slanted wing will give you the illusion of a longer and thicker eye. The slanted wing should be slightly above the lash line.

Fox eye makeup is a great choice for video calls. It can be used for both days and nights. The slanted eye is a perfect option for those who want to smudge their eyeliner and concealer. Besides, the slanted eye look is a subtle but dramatic look. If you have thick lashes, a fox-eye makeup tutorial can also show you how to apply a black cat-eye with a reddish-brow.

Fox eye makeup is similar to cat eye makeup. It involves a thicker wing on the outer corner of the eye. In addition to the wing, it may also involve shaving down the tails of the eyebrows. The slanted wing of a eye is a popular look among celebrities. In this trend, the elongated almond-shaped eyes are made by elongating the inner corners of the eyes and using false eyelashes.

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